Welcome to
Kennedy Accountancy

Welcome to
Kennedy Accountancy

Your proposal has been signed, ya beauty!

Here’s what happens next.

Kennedy Accountancy Onboarding

Here’s what the first 12 months of your journey with us will look like.


Administrative and legal bits.

You’ll receive:

ID checks
Our fee proposal
The direct debit mandate
Our onboarding form


Clearance and digital access.


Reach out to your previous accountant for clearance
Arrange HMRC authorisation and access
Set up your accounting apps


Training, check-ins, review current systems.

We start:

Software and system training*
Bookkeeping (or showing you how)
Weekly check-ins and reports*

*The extent of this depends on who’s doing the books, you or us!


We’re in the swing of things.


Manage your books*
Send a weekly query report*
Review your bookkeeping data
Check-in towards the end of the month

*This depends on who’s doing the books, you or us!


Ongoing work.


Complete your VAT return (if needed)
Check-in as needed


Review and plan the future.


Complete your annual accounts
Submit your tax return
Plan ahead for the future

The team

Here’s who you’ll be hearing from throughout the year.

  • Onboarding enquiries go through Carrie*.
  • Our bookkeepers are Andrew, Erica and Carrie*.
  • Year end accounts and tax returns are completed by Karen
  • Monthly bank statement requests are sent by Carrie

*If you’re signed up for this service, we’ll let you know who your person is in the coming days. They’ll be your main point of contact going forward.

The techy bits

Now you’re one of our clients, we will get you setup on the apps that you need.

If used correctly, you’ll have totally up-to-date accounting information at your fingertips, all the time.

We use:

  • Xero. Cloud based accounting software. This is what we use to oversee and categorise all of the incoming and outgoing payments made by your business.
  • Dext. Receipt capture software. Bored of keeping receipts? With this app you take a picture of the transaction – no more bits of paper flying around!
  • Pixie. This is the portal we use to send and receive private documents. We’ll send you a unique code which you’ll use to access your documents.
  • WhatsApp. This is one of the best ways for you to get in touch (and for us to get in touch with you!). We love seeing your wee face but in-between meetings this is a great way to ask quick questions or ask for some support. We use this with a lot of clients to reduce emails.

The most important bit. Ask questions as you go.

We love a chat. We want to hear how you’re getting on.

Throughout the year, if you have a quick question, concern or something you’re nervous to discuss, please get in touch with us (at no extra cost to you!). We’re here to help.