Wake up determined,
go to bed satisfied

We’ll help you get out of the mess, and give you
a plan to move towards the things you enjoy

Wake up determined, go to bed satisfied

We’ll help you get out of the mess, and give you a plan to move towards the things you enjoy

When you’re struggling with overwhelm and uncertainty,
you just need a little direction.

We’ll help you run and grow a profitable business within our community, allowing you to live the life you want whilst making a real contribution to the place we call home.

Kennedy is your local port of call

We’re not okay with waiting till you’re in a panic – we partner with you so we can give proactive advice.
We won’t just tell you what you want to hear – we’ll listen and take the time to understand you, giving you the advice you really need in your best interests.
We believe in giving positive direction – you can expect clarity and transparency from day one.

Support you actually need, for where you’re at

Get out of the mess

Let’s get the basics sorted first. Building a foundation of good data is what all successful businesses are built on.

We’ll get to know you and build a bespoke bookkeeping package based on how much or how little support you need.

You’ll have the financial information and constant support you need to move forward confidently.

This could include:

  • Year End accounts and Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping & VAT

Move towards the things you enjoy

Once you’re getting regular updates on your financial position, the possibility for growth and improvement is endless!

We want to get you to a point where the business isn’t just working well, you’re directly benefiting from it.

This could include:

  • Providing regular financial reports and helping
    you with strategic decision making.
  • Business coaching on everything from getting
    paid faster to taking on employees.
  • Tax advice to make sure you’re getting the most of your business.

This works best when:

You’re open to technology:
We use the right technology in the right places to make running your business as simple as possible. If you’re not already totally tech savvy, don’t worry – we’re not exclusive and we’ll show you how all the tech works.
We communicate both ways:
Local owner-managed businesses come to us because they know us as a friendly face in the community, and they can rely on us. We rely on you for regular communication too.

Where can you start today?

“Makes the world of difference to me personally, and my business. And therefore all my staff. Just makes me realise things are doing fine/quite well. And I can be confident mostly in everyone’s jobs and mine! Your style, manner and knowledge is admirable. Thank you”

~ a happy client

Take the first step towards less stress