Giving you time to enjoy
the place we call home

Get personal accountancy and business support to help you
build a rewarding business in our community.

Giving you time to enjoy the place we call home

Get personal accountancy and business support to help you build a rewarding business in our community.

You set out in business to make a real contribution to the place we call home. But to be able to make a mark in the community, your business needs to support you and your family first.

It’s okay for life to come first and business to come second. Even better, let’s make sure the business is contributing to your life and making you happy.

Success isn’t about size of business,
it’s being able to live the life you choose

We use our accounting expertise and intimate knowledge of the local community to support you in making the best business decisions, for yourself, your family and the community.

Be confident and in control of the business – it will contribute to your happiness
Grow your business and in doing so create local employment options
Support your team, family and the local community
Go through life with a smile on your face

A friendly face, right on your doorstep

As locals, we’re never too far away for a conversation. We take time to really know your business, for two reasons:


We believe in you

We don’t want you to lie awake at night worrying about how to make it work. We want to give you the tools and know-how to feel confident.

We believe in small businesses

The more confident you are, the more your business will thrive. And we know a thriving business economy ensures a successful community.

Karen Kennedy

I do what I do for my boys and my community. To be there for sports day whilst also supporting local businesses on their business journey.

We’ll help you get out of the mess, and find your joy

If you’re just starting out, we’ll help you set off on the right foot. If you’re already an established business, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s keeping you up at night and help you create more time, money and happiness.

What that looks like:

  • Setting you up with the technology that will make your life easier (and showing you how you use it)
  • Providing personalised, first class tax help and accounting so you have the time and money to support your family, team and community.
  • Offering coaching and business advice to get your business to a place where it contributes to the life you want

“You have been such a huge help through all of this. You have been really clear about what we need to do, costs, who’s doing what, and you have kept us on the right track, even on stuff that probably isn’t even your problem.”

Jen, a happy client

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